Lavona Turner May Kay Consultant

July Spotlight

Mary Kay with Lavona

The most important mile in our business walk is the ‘extra mile,’ the one called service.

To learn more, please visit her website.

Heather Hirsch MD

May Spotlight

Health by Heather Hirsch MD

Taking care of women has always been her passion.

Heather started her podcast, “Women’s Health by Heather Hirsch,” to help answer common questions regarding hormone therapy (including the safety of hormone therapy), bone health, midlife sexual health, and breast health.

She also created an online course, “The Complete Guide to Menopause: Everything you ever wanted to know about menopause your doctor never told you.” The course provides a solid education on all things women’s midlife health, answering common questions and concerns.

Heather’s mission is to expose the gaps in women’s health, and to help women across the globe to find the support and care they deserve. To learn more, please visit her website.

TD Hickerson

April Spotlight

Integrative Hypnotherapy

TD Hickerson started his career as a Professional Firefighter/Paramedic at a busy urban Fire Department in Columbus, Ohio. At Integrative Hypnotherapy, he helps clients identify root causes in order to eliminate the things that can limit and frustrate.
His goal is to help every client find the most direct route to living a life rich with value and true meaning. Please visit website for more information.